Welcome to the Revolution!

Apr 23 Written By Jane Op den Buysch

What is the Revolution I hear you ask?

Revolution has been established as a “profit for purpose” business where company dividends are given back to the community to support local children in need of a helping hand.

Revolution Real Estate is the brainchild of Franklin and Jane Op den Buysch.  We firmly believe that our young people benefit from being involved in school activities, sports, arts, drama, whatever their passion is, but we are also acutely aware that many families in our region struggle to afford these extras so their children can be involved.   We are passionate about making a difference, we may not be able to change the world, but we can make a difference in our little corner of it.

Revolution is about providing funding for subs, sport, or the arts fees as well as any uniforms or equipment needed by the children so they can be involved in these activities.  Our company profits will be distributed to existing local organisations who already support our young people in this region on an annual basis.

So how did we get here?  

26 years ago, having returned from our overseas adventures, it was time to review life choices and career options.  Franklin left the building industry and moved on to selling houses, working out of the Harcourts Richmond office and in 1998 Jane joined him in the office as his Personal Assistant.  With the arrival of our children, Jane’s hours were reduced as she mostly remained at home as primary caregiver.

Franklin went on to do his professional qualifications and also became an auctioneer, something he is still passionate about to this day.   We became partners in the Richmond office and in November 2010 Jane returned to full time work as Office Administrator in the Richmond office of Harcourts, while Franklin managed the office, running a sales team while continuing to what he loves best, bringing buyers and sellers together so everyone achieves their goals.  When the opportunity arose to move to the accounts department for the Harcourts group of offices in Nelson/Tasman, Jane eagerly embraced this and went on over the following years to be proficient in all aspects of the financial side of the business, including Trust Account management and Property Management support.

A vision for something different, something “revolutionary” was born in conjunction with colleagues, but the timing wasn’t right, we were still tied into a partnership and there needed to be ducks in rows, not just swimming in the pool of ideas.   Dreams can take time, but with the sale of the Richmond office in November 2018, we were finally taking the first tentative steps towards the dream. 

We are forever grateful for the wonderful training and support provided by Harcourts Real Estate.  We are thankful for the amazing people and team we have worked with and for over the years.  It was never an easy decision to leave behind the company and people who have provided so much input into the businesspeople we are today.  

2020, the year that changed so many lives.

For us, lockdown provided an opportunity to work from home.   We had only just recently converted the sleepout to an office and so still had the opportunity to “go to work” as it were over the level 4 working from home edict.  In many ways this was a test run.   The old age questions, can we work in close confines with no one else around? and, Do we even want to work from home?  Were both answered easily with an emphatic “Yes!”. 

We have traded the commute to Mapua and Motueka for the traffic hazards of four legged furry friends in the 30 second walk across the front yard.  We get to play soccer with the dog in our breaks, lunch on the deck in the garden and we get to be based in our hometown, a place we have lived for over 30 years.  But most of all, the very best part! We begin to live our dream!

Our commission rates are competitive, but you don’t need to compromise on quality service.  We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, are committed to doing the very best for our clients, while using the latest marketing methods and bringing good old fashioned negotiation skills to the table when the deals are being done.   The revolution has begun, and we invite you to become a part of it.  

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